VIGILANT bollard

24V Automatic rising bollard

Reliable high duty cycle electromechanical rising bollard. Available in 500mm and 800mm versions with easy installation in comparison to competitive products, thanks to the foundation case assembly and plug and play connection from bollard to control panel.

24v Intensive use automatic rising bollard.

VIGILANT 500 – 24Vdc 500mm Automatic rising bollard
VIGILANT 800 – 24Vdc 800mm Automatic rising bollard
Vigilant rise bollards

Technical specification.

  • A built-in encoder for obstacle detection and amperometric sensing
  • Equipped with RS485 communication bus and ethernet connection via TCP / IP
  • Quick and easy install thanks to the foundation case that can be assembled on site without welding requirements
  • Operational battery back-up options
  • Optional extras such as additional 5n brake and warning sounders/buzzer

Key features.

  • 24v electromechanical rising bollard for intensive use (500mm & 800mm options)
  • Power coated finish or AISI 316 Stainless Steel options
  • Simple plug and play cable connection between bollard and control panel
  • LED lights on the top collar of bollard for visibility
  • Very high duty cycle with low power consumption