TTR-08A Tripod Turnstile with automatic anti-panic


TTR-08А all-weather compact tripod turnstile, designed for outdoor use without shelter, is a modern solution for access control. It is fitted with automatic “Anti-panic” folding arms and LED indication. In case of power loss or by a signal from an ACS or emergency button the barrier arm automatically falls down leaving the passage free in emergency situations.

With its modern and elegant design TTR-08A can be used at the entrance points of industrial facilities, offices, business-centres, banks etc. TTR-08А is made of stainless steel and offers a secure and modern-looking solution for various outdoor and indoor applications.

Main Features

  • Automatic “Anti-panic” barrier arms
  • Outdoor use
  • The housing is made of stainless steel
  • Dynamic LED passage indication on the front side of the cover
  • Specially designed places for concealed mounting of proximity card readers
  • Turnstile with built-in electronics
  • Hub with automatic “Anti-panic” barrier arms
  • Remote control panel

Automatic “Anti-panic” barrier arms enable immediate clear of the passage for urgent evacuation of people in emergency case. Emergency unblocking of the turnstile is performed by input of the Fire Alarm signal to the turnstile or in emergency power failure. At that the barrier arm automatically falls down ensuring free passage.

When power supply is restored or Fire Alarm signal is removed, the arm shall be manually set into operating position.

Automatic “Anti-panic” barrier arms unlike the mechanical ones exclude the direct physical involvement of the operator and their unsanctioned folding by unauthorized people.

TTR-08А tripod turnstile is made of stainless steel which provides not only elegant design, but also resistance to corrosion when used outdoors. The turnstile housing has specially designed places for concealed mounting of proximity card readers. The reader operating zones are indicated on the lateral covers of the turnstile with special pictograms. The turnstile can be operated from the ACS controller, the RC panel or the WRC (optional).

Power supply board is placed in the turnstile housing. After each passage the reset mechanism sets barrier arms into initial position. The built-in hydraulic damper provides smooth and silent operation of the turnstile. Special Fire Alarm input allows connecting the device that sends an emergency unblocking signal (for example, from the fire alarm). It is also possible to connect the passage zone control sensor and the siren to the turnstile.

To ensure fast and convenient passage it is recommended to install one turnstile per 500 people working the same shift, and on the basis of maximum working load 30 persons/min. Turnstiles can also be completed with railings, produced in the same design.