Authentic Italian Quality

The 100% original Made in Italy Trademark testifies that Gard 3, like all other Came products, is the result of a quality productive
process, designed to yield technologically reliable and efficient products, which are tested to withstand 10/15 years of wear and tear under intesive duty conditions, as well as to withstand extreme temperatures, thereby including specific performance testing
with electro-magnetic interference (inductive and conductive) conditions. That is why, if properly installed, Gard 3 will last longer and without problems, even in extreme climates. It means prestige and confidence for those installing it, and safety and peace of-mind to those using it.

Main Features

  • The gearmotors installed in the cabinet and fitted along the same axis to provide greater motor torque.
  • the boom moves safely and reliably thanks to its spesial modular,counter-weight,balancing system,depending in the leght of the boomA vast range of control and safety accessories for a fully fitted installation
  • The 24 V DC Power supplay is ideal for ensure optimal control of the boom’s movement
  • Balancing with modular counterweights, it guarantees a safe and reliable movement of the boom.
  • Sturdy structure with galvanized steel cabinet with rough finish.

Technical features

  • Protection rating (IP) : 54
  • Power supply (V – 50/60 Hz) : 120 AC
  • Power supply to motor (V) : 24 DC
  • Absorption (A) : 15 Max.
  • Power (W) : 300
  • Opening time at 90° (s) : 10 MAX
  • Duty/cycle (%) : 50
  • Torque (Nm) : 600
  • Operating temperature (°C) : -20 ÷ +55