CAME Barrier Gate

Automation systems for residential and industrial entrance, parkings and acces control.

Came is Certified as 100% Original Italian Quality by the ITPI or Italian Institute for the Safeguarding of Italian Products.


This distinction is given because besides Italian creativity and talent, Came’s policy is to engineer and design in Italy, and not relocate its assembly lines abroad. It also sources from nearby suppliers, which are tried and tested and, that have grown with the Came trademark over the last 40 years of operations.

Authentic Italian Quality
The 100% original Made in Italy Trademark testifies that Gard 3, like all other Came products, is the result of a quality productive
process, designed to yield technologically reliable and efficient products, which are tested to withstand 10/15 years of wear and tear under intesive duty conditions, as well as to withstand extreme temperatures, thereby including specific performance testing
with electro-magnetic interference (inductive and conductive) conditions. That is why, if properly installed, Gard 3 will last longer and without problems, even in extreme climates. It means prestige and confidence for those installing it, and safety and peace of-mind to those using it.

Came g4 Barrier Gate

CAME Gard Series

For passages of up to 2.75m. Designed for opening widths of up to 2.75 metre, Came’s new Gard 3 barriers are made to handle intense traffic flows thanks to their electrical panel and dedicated motor that provide quick 0,9 second opening times. Especially suited to handle quick passages in public parking lots, hospitals, motorways and any other context or facilities ith elevated volumes of traffic density. 

The 100% Made in Italy original brand is testimony to a quality manufacturing process that makes technologically reliable, effective, performing products. These are all tested under extreme conditions to simulate 10-15 years of intense operation, at 40°C below and 80°C above zero. The control units are tested against magnetic interference.