Access Control

The System is a premier IP & PoE integrated security management system for your corporate security needs in small to large enterprises. Its simplicity and intuitive graphical user interface combine together makes an advance and powerful – yet easy to use – integrated security management system

Falco Access Control System Architecture

PoE: 1st Native IP Controller Integrated with POE Access Control System.
controller integrated POE onboard, connects directly to the IP network and utilizes the 802.3at PoE (Power Over Ethernet) standards to power itself. At the same time, provide active peer to peer communication feature. This is a new ways for cost-cutting alternative of supplying power able to support up to 2 doors (4 em locks and 4 readers) over a single cat 5e/6 cable without the need to have an external power supply at each door.

IP Video Camera Integration.
Over more than 30 brands of IP camera can be integrated with IP Access Control System for seamless activation of live video viewing, recording, comparison. LIVE video viewing & event driven recording such as stored alarm video images can be playback by simple mouse clicks.

Falco feature POE

With this module, you able to view the entry event transaction video when you are exiting from the respective gates or turn stile. Upon proxing on the exit reader, the latest entry event transaction will be search and the video will pop up on one side of the display window in the server or remote workstation. The other side of the display window will show the live or exit transaction event video. Hence the security officer or car park attendant can compare and check if the same car or person enters is the same as the exit object. If the security officer suspected something is wrong he can always sound the alarm or use the require video as evidence. This enhances the security of the car park.This integrated access control system enables the users to have the ability to launch the video from transaction events of the access control system as located on Premium Video software. The feature offers a simple and fast way to display live or recorded video with just a few click of the mouse.


  • Suitable for small to large car parks
  • Stand-alone or networking operation with PC
  • Stores up to 100,000 card users
  • Records up to 50,000 transactions/events
  • Global Anti pass-back control
  • Support Magnetic, Wiegand, Proximity, Smart Card, HID long range
  • Wide selection of reports can be printed


  • MCU : Motorola/ Freescale 16-bit CPU Running at 25Mhz
  • Memory : 64KB FlashROM, 8KB RAM, 32KB EEPROM
  • Watchdog : 1 Internal
  • Operating Temperature: 0?/span>C to 60?/span>C
  • Humidity Range: 0-95% non-condensing
  • Protocol Support: TCP, IP, UDP, DHCP, ICMP, and ARP
  • Network Interface : TCP/IP, LAN, WAN
  • Communication Interface : Onboard Ethernet Port (TCP/IP)10/100BaseT
  • Relay Output : 10A (2 Form C- can configured to NC or NO)
  • Power Supply : 14VAC input, 13.8V output, 1.5 ~ 3.0A output
  • Current Consumption : 200-300mA (without the EM Lock)/1.5A max
  • Dimensions : 50mm(H) x 152mm(W) x 127mm(D)
  • Supervised Input :2 Supervised input (Onboard)
  • Digital Input : 3 Input
  • 2 input is used to detects present of cars.
  • Output : 2 Relay Output (Onboard), 3 Open-Collector Power Output (100mA-Onboard) to triggers entry/exit barrier
  • Large Memory : Stores up to 100,000 user cards and 50,000 transactions
  • Power Fault Detection: Loss of AC Power and battery voltage low
  • PIN only, Card only, and Card Plus PIN Operation Modes
  • Lock-out of a card when its PIN is wrongly entered repeatedly